• Offer guidance with Long Term Care planning options
  • Liaison for Hospital to Home Discharge and Follow-Through
    ​with Discharge Instructions

  • Communication with MD and Case Managers for Medical Orders
  • Assist with Medications, Refills & Initial Orders, organize Mediset
  • Personalized supervision for hourly and live-in or respite help
  • On-going oversight and monitoring of all care services 
  • Utilization of community resources and referrals for appropriate services
  • Family caregiver education, family consultations and training workshops
  • Patient advocacy - medical liaison and assist with insurance reimbursements 
  • Supervision of medical needs - communication with various health care providers
  • Crisis Intervention - family support and Updates of patient status
  • Commitment to quality of care with a focus on wellness
  • Make referrals to Physical Therapists and RN, LVN home care professionals as needed.

Geriatric Care Managers address the daily medical, social and long-term care needs of older adults living at home. When family is unable to manage the care, due to work or living out of the area, Case Managers identify and assess individual risk and are the, 'eyes and ears,' for the family.  Case Managers also implement care planning for complex medical needs at home and insure  Industry Standards are upheld. Case Managers are trained to maintain ethics and integrity.  They also provide oversight of the Plan of Care to insure patient care remains stable. 

Our Care Managers are Master's level health care professionals who have worked locally with  older adults in hospitals, clinics and senior facilities, with patients who are living with chronic  diseases. They have extensive knowledge of medical resources and are familiar with community  agencies, County services and resources.


Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management 

What can Case Management do for me and my family?

Trish Mairet, MA, Case Manager

Trish Mairet is a Master's level health care professional with 20 years of experience. She has a background in several areas of elder care including gerontology, psychology, social work and has held positions in home care management, medical social work and hospital discharge planning at St. Joseph's Hospital, home safety assessments, long-term care planning, acute and transitional rehab care coordination, County Mental Health Crisis at Napa & Sonoma County H&HS, Adult Protective Services at Napa County Adult Services and Individual and Family Counseling in private practice.